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The Light

The light shines

upon the city

and on the golden hills

The light shines

upon the mountaintop

and on the autumn leaves

The light shines

upon the world

and on the noble ocean

The light shines

upon us all

and us upon it too.

-Nick Garcia

Look Up

When you’re feeling down

Look up

When you’re thinking about hurting yourself

Look up

For there will always be someone

wanting to help

To help you

Because you are you

and no one else can be you

You are special


and most of all: important.

-Nick Garcia

The Decision

A man on the ledge

overlooks the city streets

and ponders his life

as he contemplates a decision

A decision so important

he could never take it back

He thinks about his family

What will they feel

if he continues?

What would happen to his mom



if he continues down this path

of destruction?

He thinks about his friends

What would happen to them?

Would they find a replacement?

Who would be there for his best friend 

through break ups

or even a death?

He then thinks about himself

is a little sadness worth

leaving the world for?

Is it worth leaving your mom


and sister for?

What about your friends?

What about a world

that can change you

as well you change it?

The man puts one foot out

over the lively city

where the dynamic

and animated people

are living their lives

with their own sets of problems

The man comes down 

Down from the roof

where, if he looks hard enough

will find that the world cares

and that he is special

He is one of a kind

No one in the world can take his place

and the world would never be the same.

-Nick Garcia




I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed

no matter how many times u compliment me im not making ur bed

this has to be one of the best responses I’ve gotten to this text post

(via liveintruth)